Ellensburg High School baseball head coach Todd Gibson and his coaching staff have started a June summer baseball team for current 9th-11th graders.

It’s an opportunity to play 20 plus games all in the month of June only, so it won’t occupy the players whole summer. The team commenced its official practice last Tuesday and will have its first games this Friday at Wenatchee.

Ellensburg is competing as an independent team and currently has 13 players on the roster.

According to Gibson, it’s the chance to build continuity and continue the success the high school team has enjoyed over the years, especially for the younger players.

“The importance of getting this extra time with the younger kids is they finally get game action instruction and interaction with the varsity level coach, where in school ball that mostly happens only in practice,” Gibson said. “It helps develop that trust and familiarity between player and coach so that the spring is just an extension of that relationship rather than trying to get a feel for each other in the heat of the battle.”

Gibson and his staff have coached multiple summer ball teams since its beginning in 2010 (Anderson Hay Sr. Babe Ruth). There was no Ellensburg summer team last year, so Gibson felt they needed to bring it back.

“It became apparent some of these experiences and qualities we were missing from this year’s high school team and we want to get that back,” he said.

It’s not mandatory if you’re part of the Ellensburg High School program to play in the June summer team, but if you’re not playing with another summer ball team, it’s a great opportunity to compete. It’s all about getting reps with your fellow Bulldogs and to fine tune your game.

Also the cost is less expensive as it comes out to a grand total of $100, compared to other summer ball clubs which can be pricey. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to leave town and pay a hefty amount of money.

There’s also another great opportunity in the midst of June. It’s not required, but from June 12-19, the players can join Gibson on a road trip to Omaha, Nebraska for the College World Series. The vans will depart on June 12 and it will head back to Ellensburg on the 17th and be home on the 19th. The trip will cost around $380 for each player.

Gibson said they are hoping to do a fundraiser for the player(s) who want to go. If there is enough players, the team will play some games on the stops there and back.

Home games will be played at Rotary Park.

For more information, contact Gibson at: gibsont@thorpschools.org.


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