Scoring multiple goals in an entire soccer match is one thing, but three in a matter of six minutes just seems unfair.

Ephrata High School was a victim of this offensive mastery from the Ellensburg High School girls soccer team late in the second half on Thursday afternoon, and the Bulldogs went on to win, 4-0.

There could have been more damage done if sophomore Katelynn Smith’s free-kick counted in the 65th minute that soared perfectly over the goalie’s head with a slight draw, but the referee validated that it was an indirect kick, and the goal didn’t count.

That didn’t bother Ellensburg (2-0), as in the 70th minute, sophomore Dylan Philip put her team up 2-0 and then junior Maddy Snow delivered the ball with her left foot into the back of the net four minutes later.

Junior Caitlyn Cheney capped it off with a goal in the 76th minute.

“I feel like it fired them up,” said co-head coach Armando Bravo of Smith’s goal not counting. “They knew it was a goal, the ref didn’t give it to us in our favor. They didn’t like that, and they took it out on the field. They went at it full energy, hyped up and just went for it and that’s when we came with three more goals.”

Ellensburg was a different team coming into the second half with a 1-0 advantage. It was persistent with pressure on Ephrata’s defense, getting plenty of shot attempts at the goal.

“We just of settled down and realized we weren’t really playing our game,” said senior Allie Brown, who scored Ellensburg’s first goal in the 11th minute off a deflection. “Just the long balls weren’t working and we had to refocus.”

After the Bulldogs win, the team discussed its improvement with its passing percentage, going from 50 percent in the opening half, to 84 percent in the second half.

“We were just moving off the ball a little bit better,” Brown added. “We were checking off our man, getting that space and it opened up a lot of things which made the field a lot bigger.”

Equally as impressive as the litany of goals in a short amount of time was the Bulldogs defense, allowing just two shots on goal. Senior goalkeeper Cynthia Johnson made a save in the 38th minute, and then another on a penalty kick in the 57th minute to keep the contest 1-0.

“Clean sheet for Cynthia, that’s huge especially senior year,” Bravo said. “Blocked the PK, that’s awesome. Clean sheet defense is awesome. We have a great defense. We have Allie Brown center-back and then we have Kami (Hartrick). We’re stacked on defense, so we’re looking to be strong back there and play from the back more often.”

Ellensburg heads to Grandview High School for a 6 p.m. start next Tuesday.


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