Women's golf league

2019 Women’s Club Championship. From left to right, Maddie Douglas, Peg Whitaker, Mary Hubbard, Sharon Henry, Molly Pieters, Kathy Jurgens.


The Nifty Niners play of the day for Tuesday was “Least Fairways”. Winners were: Div. A Molly Pieters (30) and Div. B Terri Rasmussen (31).

On Thursday, the Ellensburg Women’s Club completed the final round of the Annual Club Championship Tournament. Maddie Douglas played tough and earned the title of Club Champion and low gross of the field with a two day score of 165 (84, 81).

Honors for low net of the field went to Mary Hubbard with a score of 144 (73, 71). Championship Flight honors went to Maddie Douglas, Low Gross (165) and Peg Whitaker, Low Net (159).

First Flight honors went to Mary Hubbard, Low Gross (186) and Sharon Henry, Low Net (149).

Second Flight honors went to Molly Pieters, Low Gross (202) and Kathy Jurgens, Low Net (154).


1st Mike Moore

2nd Jason Reuble

3rd Kelly Moeur

4th Jordan Schliesman

5th Mark Lewis

6th Bob Thorpe

7th Molly Pieters


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