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Kittitas head coach Tim Ravet directs players on the court during the state semifinal game against Brewster in Spokane, WA on Friday, March 1, 2019. Kittitas beat Brewster 77-71. Ravet will return to the sidelines this year as coach of the Kittitas High School girls team.

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KITTITAS — It’s hard to deny a resume filled with ample of success at Kittitas High School that includes three consecutive 2B state titles (2017-19) with the boys basketball program.

That prosperity is alluring to athletic director Austin Brothers and superintendent Mike Nollan to fill the Kittitas girls coaching position after Joe Mohn resigned after three years at the helm.

After a one year hiatus from coaching, Kittitas alum Tim Ravet recently accepted the head job for the Kittitas girls basketball team. It’s currently tentative as they wait for the school board’s approval.

According to Brothers, he expects the board’s approval by June 17 but could be earlier if they have an executive session.

“I’ve always felt such great pride for Kittitas down from the administration, the teachers, the kids and the community,” Ravet said on what was attractive about the job. “Playing there, playing three sports and starting my coaching career there. … I learned a lot from going to school there. The determination, the discipline, work ethic, passion and poise that I learned in the halls, the gyms, in between the walls of the classrooms that teachers instilled in me. I think that’s the main reason I like coaching and enjoy having a good influence on the kids.”

Aforementioned, Ravet guided the Kittitas boys to three straight state championships and the Coyotes became the third team to three-peat in 2B history along with Northwest Christian (2006-09) and Brewster (1975-77). After taking an early loss to St. George’s in the 2018-19 campaign — that Kittitas defeated in the 2018 state championship — the Coyotes returned the favor and drubbed them in the 2019 state championship.

After the win over St. George’s, capping a 78-2 record in a three-year span, Ravet announced he wouldn’t return for the 2019-20 season.

But after watching his daughter Brooke Ravet compete with the Kittitas girls last season, the itch to return to coaching was forging.

So, when Mohn resigned — along with Ravet’s daughter’s approval, of course — he applied for the position. He relished being able to coach his son Brock all four years at Kittitas and now he gets the opportunity to do the same with Brooke.

“Yeah, it was hard that year off watching it,” Ravet said. “You kind of realize you do miss coaching.

“… I see a lot of coaches in the profession that miss out on their kids as they grow up and the memories and the accomplishments and the events you miss by coaching. I wouldn’t want to be torn between that. So, when this coaching job came up, obviously it was kind of a no brainer. I get to coach and also not miss stuff my daughter would be doing.”

The Kittitas girls finished 11-13 last season, 2-9 in league play. They graduated only three players.

The Coyotes rostered four eighth-graders last year, two who played significant minutes (Brooke and Reyse Phillips). Kittitas will return senior guards Amelia Mohn, Kelby Tosteson and Samantha Graham.

“The goals are basically to build a program that’s hardworking and committed and make practices hard so that when they get to the games, the games are easy,” Ravet said.

This isn’t Ravet’s first run with the girls program. He was an assistant early in his coaching career and then was the head coach in the 1997-98 season where he led them to a seventh-place finish at state.

Summer basketball has always been salient to Ravet. But the coronavirus pandemic might curb that from happening this year.

“I’m obviously excited to get going and yet right now we have to follow the guidelines,” Ravet said. “I think on the 19th (of June) is maybe when the WIAA’s possibly going to let some summer ball stuff happen and the schools will follow those guidelines. But getting kids in the gym and getting them excited to work out whenever they lift that stuff, then hopefully we’ll have some time to schedule some teams and start playing.

“But more than anything, I think we got to continue to build skill something that Joe Mohn’s really tried the last three years of putting in the time to build the program up that I want to continue the vision of it.”

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