CLE ELUM — No one shares a bond like a pair of siblings who are close in age. Their everyday life consists of attending school together, family activities, sports, sharing a room, and so on.

But when you’re born a minute apart from each other and dubbed as identical twins, the connection as siblings seems to be so different and unique that some siblings just can’t relate to.

But just because they’re identical twins, it doesn’t mean they’re the same.

When it comes to Natali and Naomi Baker’s personality and roles they play in athletics at Cle Elum-Roslyn High School, it’s contrasting.

They do, however, share similar interests. But Natali and Naomi both agreed when it comes to styles of play and personality, the two are different in that aspect.

“I’m seen as more the quiet one and she’s (Naomi) louder,” Natali said while Naomi chuckled.

Mom’s thoughts?

“Naomi is more the dominant one. She was born first, one minute early. Naomi does talk more, talk louder — boss more,” Kami Baker laughed.

Natali and Naomi, born and raised in the Upper County, have been three-sport varsity athletes at Cle Elum-Roslyn.

Sports have been part of their lives since a young age, beginning with softball and basketball. Volleyball made its way around in middle school, a sport today they consider their favorite.

Natali is a setter, leading the team with 120 assists on the season. And most those sets have gone to her sister Naomi, who leads the Warriors in kills with 41.

“I think maybe like a hitter and the sets come from her, I’m a little more critiquing of her, and I’m like, ‘You need to do this better,’” Naomi said, who both her and Natali played three years of club volleyball for KC Thunder and Team Yakima.

“Natali is more dependable, even keel, she wants to be reliable for her team,” Kami said. “Naomi is like, when she’s really on fire, just give her the ball as many times as you can.”


The twins are captains of the 3-4 Warriors team that’s off to a better start statistically compared to last season when the team finished 2-12 overall.

Cle Elum-Roslyn is rebuilding its program under second-year coach Patricia Garris, and she lauded Natali and Naomi but also agreed on the difference between the two.

“I mean, they’re twins but they’re completely different,” Garris said. “They have different personalities. They both are really nice young ladies.”

Vying in different positions because of their different strengths, the same goes for softball. Natali plays infield, Naomi plays outfield. They’ve helped Cle Elum-Roslyn qualify to state for the past three years.

But the one sport they do share the same position? Basketball. The twins have been post players under former Cle Elum-Roslyn head coach Nikki Dearing for their first two seasons, and then current head coach Gary Frederick last season.

“Basketball is the one sport where we’re the same,” Natali said. “I don’t know how to describe it. Just two of us doing the same thing.”

But as seniors, their time is winding down together in sports — and potentially the classroom.

The similar interests with sports have also extended into education, as Natali and Naomi both want to pursue degrees in health and sciences with a focus in nursing.

Sports is where Kami says the idea came from.

“It started with sports,” she said. “They both like being physically fit, and health is really important to them. Being fit and active and everything, and treasuring their health.”

The two have never been apart, so the hope is to attend the same university.

“Eventually it’s going to happen,” Kami said.


Twins run deep in both sides of the family.

Natali and Naomi’s great-grandmother on her father’s side had a twin sister, and Kami has cousins who have twin girls, too.

“We have twins all around the family, we were still shocked,” Kami said.

Kami says she has no issue telling the two apart, and the girls say the biggest reason is because of their voices. But it’s still inevitable they tend to play pranks on friends and family.

“Saying I’m the other one when I’m not, or blaming stuff on the other one — just switching up the names,” Natali said.


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