Michael Gallagher

The perception that Kittitas County’s population has grown significantly this past decade is backed up by Census numbers released on Thursday.

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There has been a complaint about the use of the word tea baggers (and all the variations of its spellings, including with an 'h'). I would ask that people stop using that phrase. One of the constraints of the posting system is I can not edit out words — it's either the entire post or nothing…

I'm sorry about that. I completely spaced on the no all caps rule. It's a good rule. I'll be a stickler on that one in the future. Thanks. Michael Gallagher, assistant editor.

In regard to the question on the editorial being signed, newspaper editorials reflect the position of the newspaper, not an individual. At the Daily Record the editorial board meets weekly to discuss positions on various issues. The editorial is written to reflect the view of the board. Curr…

Off-topic has always been listed as a reason for denial in the posting system. It is a good point that we've been lax in enforcing that standard. This comment stream, though, had nothing to do with the topic of the letter.
There are letters about presidential politics or even social iss…

Assistant editor: This letter is about wind power in Kittitas County. The comments denied are all about the sexual orientation of national political figures. All those comments are off topic and have been denied on that basis.
Thank you
Michael Gallagher
assistant editor

There is a Richard Gallagher on the Cle Elum Chamber of Commerce board of directors and a Michael Gallagher on the Daily Record Editorial Board. The two are not related.